The Sax Conservatory Episode 3: Altissimo part 1!

Episode 3 of The Sax Conservatory has just dropped and in it, I begin talking about how to play in the Altissimo register.

We all hear great saxophonists play super high and we wonder, “how do they do that?” Well, here’s the first part of how.

For those young players out there who are still developing their embouchures, you may want to wait a big before trying some of these exercises, although you should be able to do the exercises here in this first part of the two-part series.

I know when I started learning how to play in the altissimo register, it was “hit-or-miss” for a while. I couldn’t get the notes out consistently and I had a lot of trouble playing the more than the first three overtones that I demonstrate in this video. That said, I kept at it and eventually figured out what worked for me. A lot of the work is done inside the mouth and it can’t really be shown to the student. A lot of patience, experimentation and working the basic exercises will help you unlock the Altissimo register!

Check out the video below!

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