Announcing: The Sax Conservatory!

It’s been a challenging couple of weeks of social distancing in Toronto. While the first week was March break, we’re now coming to the end of the second week when we would have been back in the swing of things with the regular teaching schedule.

Of course, like most musicians and artists out there, I lost my fair share of gigs to the complete cancellation of events, public and private, but I’ve also been using this time to try to be resourceful. I’ve brought most of my private students into online lessons and, I’ve been working with my very talented dance-artist wife, Paromita Kar, to produce a couple of videos featuring the music of Ensemble Topaz as well as showing off the type of work we did while we studied in Rajasthan, India, just before all of this Coronovirus mess came to North America. I’m sure I’ll be promoting those videos when they’re released.

In addition to all of that, I’m very excited to be rolling out a series of instructional saxophone videos as part of The Sax Conservatory, the newest way to learn saxophone at home!

The YouTube channel will be the home to all kinds of videos to help you get the most of your saxophone playing. There will be videos about technique, practice strategies, repertoire, jazz and more!

Here’s the first video, entitled “5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Become a Better Saxophone Player!”

While I expect to refine my technique and learn more about video production and editing in this process, I hope you come back soon for more videos at The Sax Conservatory!

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