Parties - Mike has performed at private parties for several years. These have included engagement parties, weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs and corporate events. Common instrumentations include saxophone/piano/bass for engagments parties, flute/piano(/violin/guitar) for wedding ceremonies and clarinet/guitar/piano/bass/drums for wedding receptions. Larger ensembles are available for corporate events and weddings. Singers at your function are also available. Mike specializes in Jewish events, with arrangements of Israeli, Hebrew, Yiddish and Klezmer songs to suit your needs.

Classical - Mike is an accomplished classical performer. Having studied formally in the classical milieu, he brings a highly polished sound and performance to any classical venue. Mike has performed in Canada and the United States as a soloist, and a soloist with strings. He has also performed with saxophone quartets and such wind ensembles as the New England Conservatory Wind Ensemble and the Toronto Wind Orchestra. As a member of the NEC Wind Ensemble, Mike appears on the CD "Deja Vu: The music of Colgrass and Schuller" (released by MODE). He also appears on Colin Stack's CD "One Time around the Block".

Rock/Pop - Mike has performed as a saxophone player for a number of rock and pop projects. He has performed with Persian pop singer Shadmehr Aghili, the Rolling Stones tribute band Hot Rocks and has recorded with Czech pop groups eggnoise and O.G. and the Odd Gifts. Mike has experience contracting horn sections for rock, pop, R&B and soul bands.

Jazz - Mike is an experienced jazz musician, playing in several groups on saxophone and clarinet for over 15 years. Mike has performed with the Gregg Brennan Aisieri Quartet and has his own Trio and Quartet for performance at private parties. He has also played with several different big bands including the Advocats Big Band for a number of years.

Klezmer - Mike has been studying and performing klezmer for close to 20 years. Starting his first klezmer band in 1998, Mike has led traditional and fusion bands ever since. KlezFactor, founded in 2004 has performed in North America and Europe and has recorded three full length albums. Mike also has a traditional klezmer ensemble, The Mike Anklewicz Klezmer Trio, which has performed for private parties, as well as concerts in Toronto (including 2016 Jewish Music Week) and the Netherlands. The Klezmer Trio will release their first album in 2017.

Private Lessons - Mike has been a Faculty member at the Royal Conservatory of Music, teaching studio saxophone, since 2005. Mike has been teaching saxophone, clarinet and flute privately for more than 15 years and has taught hundreds of students of all ages and levels. He has also coached chamber groups, such as saxophone quartets and clarinet choirs. He also teaches music theory and history, and has experience preparing students for Royal Conservatory of Music Examinations. Mike teaches jazz and classical music to students of all ages and abilities and specializes in advanced saxophone students and improvisation. To study with Mike, just send an email.

Clinics - Mike is available for intermediate/secondary school clinics. He can not only work with saxophone and other woodwind sections to help overcome specific problems, but can also present large workshops and clinics relevant to all wind instrument players. These clinics can take a variety of different forms, from mini-performances, to full period lectures. Topics covered can include: Breathing, Tonguing, Technique, Tone Production, Repertoire issues, Jazz Improvisation, Contemporary Improvisation, Jazz History, Music History.

Masterclasses - Mike has taught masterclasses at the University of Toronto and Queen's University, helping the students to improve their own playing in an entertaining and productive format. The masterclass consists of students performing a previously prepared piece, with Mike assisting the students after their performance. Issues dealt with usually are more concerned with music interpretation and performance practice rather than technical issues.


Arranging - Mike is an experienced composer and arranger. He is able to craft compositions and arrangements for specific occasions and for any instrumental combination, in a variety of different styles. Mike has composed for jazz ensembles, classical ensembles as well as Klezmer groups. He has arranged for big band, rock band, string quartet, saxophone quartet and concert band.

Notation - Mike is fully acquainted with Finale notation software and is able to professionally transcribe and notate music for any genre.

Mixing/Audio Production - Mike has been active mixing and producing recordings for many years. Contact him for more information on competitive rates for track mixing, recording, editing and engineering.